All Bundled Up, and My Message to Moms

The party’s over…

THE ULTIMATE HOMEMAKING BUNDLE is now bundled up and retired for awhile. The good news is that there will be a “flash sale” at some point in the next 6 months where this bundle will be available for one weekend. If you missed the bundle this past week and you’d like an email notice as to when the flash sale will be, drop me a line here, and I’ll let you know.


There’s another bundle coming soon called THE HEALTHY LIVING BUNDLE that might interest you as well. THANKS to my peeps who purchased the HOMEMAKING bundle. I pray it blesses you like it did me!

During the BUNDLE sale, I was at the computer 24/7. Feeding the family went out the window. I thought any busy mom would appreciate this badge I spotted recently.

HA! Love it. Today, I’m still pooped, but I might be able to rustle up Thursday’s meal.

Here’s my message to every mom this Mother’s Day weekend: know that what you do is invaluable. We moms never knew that once we had a child, our heart would jump outside our body and hang off our shoulder, exposed to every ecstatic brush of love and every scrape of heartache.

It’s how God loves us, ladies. With an exposed and vulnerable heart. We are so blessed to have a Creator who cares about our laughter and our tears. He is the ULTIMATE PARENT, and we will never find a better guide on how to direct our wonderful, aggravating, delightful, unruly, priceless children. Even when they’re 40.

So to all moms: be gentle with yourself.  Realize you are going to make mistakes, but so will your children. It’s not a perfect system. God can redeem everything. 

So, on Sunday, give yourself a hug and don’t do any dishes. I love you!


2 thoughts on “All Bundled Up, and My Message to Moms

  1. I adore your graphic! I confess, it often goes much that way around our house. I don't know about the bundles. I've been off AtoZing in April and was on hiatus before that. I hope you have an awesome Mother's Day! I'll have my little family here. The kids are cooking fish and frog legs! My 27 year old son is proof positive of God's faithfulness! I often tell the Lord how thankful I am that He loves my family even more than I do.
    Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead


  2. I've started my mother's day early… sitting around reading blogs. 🙂 Maybe I'll even dust off the keyboard and post something new…

    …unless that's crazy talk… which it might be.

    Life's been hectic and funds are low, but I promise I'll check it out on the flash sale. 🙂


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