Just so you know…this is not a blog about baseball. Although in my life, there is an outfield, a dugout, and a concession stand (stocked with frozen Ballpark brownies.) My last name is Ball, and my life often feels like a game, so I write about the wins and losses, strikes and pop flies that occur in my ballpark.

I scribble about grown-up babies, seasoned parents, chasing wellness, chasing God, and dropping the meatloaf in the dish water. I’ve been told the following posts most represent my writing: my view of things, my most popular DIY project, why I stopped using utensils to break up the ice cubes, and why God consistently reminds me to shut up.

Allowing Laughter 

Re-framing an Outdated Mirror 

Sheep in the Dryer and Other Oddities

Who’s the Boss? (reminder #3)

I also wrote an e-book about a crazy-fun, family Christmas project we do every year called “The 12 Days of Christmas Adventure.” You can check that out  HERE.

If you enjoy/relate to what you read on this page, drop by anytime, and we’ll be journey buddies. I would love that. (You might occasionally find me in the dugout eating pie.)

Thanks for popping in!

CONTACT INFO:  ballpark001@gmail.com

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