MacGyver, Where Are You?

I took a three-hour nap a few days ago. My husband was watching reruns of MacGyver while I dozed. Every time I stirred, Mac was rescuing a hostage, racing through shrubbery, or stuffing potatoes into exhaust pipes. That guy was so cool.

We need to resurrect Angus MacGyver (yep, Angus was his first name.)  He could help with so many things here in the Ballpark:

1. He could rig the dishwasher to load itself.

2. Ditto for the washer.

3. He could fashion a drive way track that would guide the trash cans down to the curb and back again.

4. He could make a safe grapefruit peeler out of a razor blade and a toothbrush. It takes a long time to peel a grapefruit like an orange, but that’s how we like ’em.

5.  He could make a lizard catcher. We’re just too slow when it comes to getting them out of the house here in Florida.

6.  He could create a hanging rope that would allow me to swing down to the first floor instead of risking tripping down our 14 steps, which I did recently. He’d probably need more than duct tape to accomplish this one.

7.  He could wire the kitchen cabinet so when I’m tempted to steal a piece of dark chocolate, I get a shock. Drastic times; drastic measures.

I’m feeling overwhelmed these days. Writing is calling me, my adult children and their spouses have become fun adult friends to hang out with, baby James is around, allowing me smooches and snuggles, and my parents are becoming more fragile every month. And then there’s all this stuff MacGyver could be helping with.

I love the people in my life, and I want to be available to them, so I’m thinking something has to change.

Therefore, I’m creating a newsletter.

HA! It sounds like lunacy, but I believe it will streamline my writing, which will free up some time to love on the people I love, peel grapefruits, and catch lizards. (Doesn’t look like MacGyver is coming anytime soon.)

I’ll keep blogging, but less frequently, and the newsletter will alert you as to when a new post is up. There are so many things I want to write about and touch on and research…my newsletter will have quick updates, inspirational morsels, links to projects/recipes/news items, my favorite books, and more. I hope you’ll sign on, so we can stay in touch.

I promise it will take less time (because you probably have grapefruit/lizard issues too) to read my newsletter than to read a blog post. You may want to click on enclosed links, or not; I’ll just make them available to you.  My goal is to bring practical, grace-filled, substantial, and humorous treats into your life. You might be overwhelmed too, and just need an encouraging face in your inbox.

I value your input and would also like to know what topics bring you to the Ballpark – the caretaking issues, my faith journey, DIY projects, chasing wellness, or whatever (even the ex-clown.)  If you want to hear my thoughts on something new, write that in the box. We’ll take this journey together!

As always, thank you for sharing in my life.

I just did some research and discovered MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) is 66 years old now. He’s probably tired of saving the world, so I guess I’ll have to let him off the hook from helping me out around here. 

I do think he could make a grapefruit peeler while he’s plopped in his recliner though.


Y I Watch Dancing with the Stars


Yes, I’m cheating. “Why I watch dancing with the stars” would be grammatically correct, but who are we kidding here?  By “Y” day in the a-z challenge, anything goes. I’m being creative.

Aside from the trashy costumes most female dancers wear on DWTS, I like the show. (I appreciate the gowns that are more modest and elegant, but maybe that’s just me.) Here’s Y:

1. I like the back stories of each celebrity. Hearing their struggles reminds me that their lives are not all glitz and glamor. 

2. I admire the courage of the stars who really step out of their comfort zone to do the show: the NFL players, the 70 year olds, the comedians with no sense of rhythm.

3. I like that the stars who are dumped still say the experience was wonderful, they learned a lot, and they’re grateful to their professional partner.

4. I love Disney night, when everyone dances to a Disney song. The choreography and costumes that night are magical.

5.  I like that the judges tell the truth. They really are looking for the stars to learn how to dance, and they’re constructively critical when they need to be.

6.  I love that the stars really want that tacky mirror ball trophy. They’re like little kids at a t-ball game.

7. I love that disabled stars are invited to participate. They bring me to tears every time.

8. I love that overweight stars are invited to participate. Dance and movement are not limited to the athletic and thin.

9. I love that all the teams root for each other.

10. I love that former DWTS stars are often in the audience of current shows.

There are some life lessons exhibited in this show, and that’s what keeps me watching. Check it out. Monday nights on ABC.


I watched a 7-year old movie last night called Fireproof.  It’s about a fireman and his failing marriage and how he fights with God before turning to God to find a solution.

It stars Kirk Cameron (who does a good job) as Caleb and some other unknown actors from Georgia. The co-stars are not exceptional in their acting abilities, but the storyline is good, and the movie realistically portrays how marriages can get off track.

Caleb’s dad gives him a book called The Love Dare that slowly changes Caleb’s heart and helps restore his marriage.

Because of the success of the movie, The Love Dare was published for the general public. It’s an amazing little book full of daily challenges for anyone who is struggling to love someone with no motive but to learn to love the way God loves.

Marriage can be difficult, but this book can help anyone fireproof their relationship. Check it out.

Never Been UNLOVED

The Christian musician Michael W. Smith wrote a great song a few years back called Never Been Unloved.  This guy has had hundreds of hit songs, but this one didn’t get a lot of attention.  It kind of went unnoticed.  The message is great, and it has enough U words in it to satisfy every A-Z blogger.   Smith must have pulled lyrics straight from the dictionary. 

Check it out.  (By the way, we have never been unloved either.) 

Would You Like to Buy an ‘O’?

Today, in honor of the letter O, I invited Ernie from Sesame Street and a curious stranger to perform one of my favorite numbers.  My kids grew up with Jim Henson and all his fuzzy friends.  The man was brilliant.

This post was brought to you by the letter O and the number 2.

N is for (Finding) Neverland

N is for the movie Finding Neverland

As in, I’ve never seen Johnny Depp look more handsome, or exhibit more charm.

// in, I’ve never seen such a joyous movie clip as when Julie Christie claps her hands, signalling that, yes, she believes in fairies!

As in, I’ve never seen such a sweet movie clip as when Depp points out to the child George that he has indeed become a man. 

As in, I’ve never seen a more beautifully, heart-wrenching movie scene with a child (at the end, when Freddie Highmore and Depp are on the park bench.)  I cannot watch it without tears.  Ever.

If you have not seen Finding Neverland, you have not witnessed Johnny Depp’s best work.  If you only know him as Captain Jack Sparrow…you’ve only seen the quirky (albeit creative) face of Depp.  In Finding Neverland, he will steal your heart.

Depp plays James Barrie, the author of Peter Pan.  The movie is based on Barrie’s real-life friendship with the Davies family of a beautiful widow and her four active boys.  As he grows to love Sylvia Davies and her youngsters, the adventures of Peter Pan take shape in his mind.  It’s such a delightful movie, great for kids and adults of all ages.  Dustin Hoffman is superb as the theater owner.

Next time you’re looking for something on Netflix, choose Finding Neverland.   It’s magical.

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is a great D word because it’s delightful and despairing at the same time.

Lady Mary finally finds true love with Matthew; Matthew dies in season three.

Edith finds love; Edith gets abandoned at the altar.

Sybil and Branson find true love with each other; Sybil dies in child birth.

Anna and Bates find true love in each other; Bates is jailed for killing his ex-wife.

Bates is freed!  Marries Anna!  Anna is sexually assaulted, and Bates is suspected of killing Anna’s abuser.

O’Brien leaves, yeah!  Thomas stays, boo!

Edith is pregnant; her beau disappears, and she gives the baby away.

The theme song to DA is great; the opening scene of the dog’s behind waddling across the lawn is not.

Do you watch Downton?  Do you find it delightful or despairing?