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I have so many things to share with you, I can’t always cover them all here on the blog. My newsletter Notes from the Dugout (short and succinct) contains Ballpark updates, inspirational messages, links to recipes/projects/news items, my favorite books, and more. My goal is to share with you gems that can encourage all of us who are aiming for heaven, but stumbling along the way as I regularly do.

For joining me in the Dugout, you’ll receive a link to my essay “Who’s the Boss?”, my thoughts on the 5 reasons why God needs to have primary allegiance in our lives.  It’s my heart in a nutshell.  

Only your email address is required to sign on, but I’d love to hear what subjects most interest you when you are kind enough to visit me here at Adventures in the Ballpark. I love connecting with readers and am so grateful for you sharing in my life.