The 12 Days of Christmas Adventure!

Embark on a different journey this Christmas that just might forevermore change the way you celebrate the holiday season.

Over twenty years ago, our family was given a simple, but significant Christmas gift that lasted 12 days. The very next Christmas, we shared the gift, and have been doing so every year since.

If you’re tired of the chaos the holiday season can bring and want to create a more meaningful Christmas for yourself, your children, and others, jump into this ebook, The 12 Days of Christmas Adventure, and feel it change your approach to giving.  We received this gift in 1993, and I have not viewed Christmas the same way since.

Check it out here:

It’s less than 7 dollars. Less than two cups of fancy pants coffee at Starbucks. You can order a pdf. copy that you can read right at your computer, or an e-reader version for your Kindle. (For Nook readers, click here: THE 12 DAYS at Barnes and Noble). If you’re a teacher or a nurse, email me ( and I’ll send you a discount code, because teaches and nurses deserve breaks and hugs and raises and ebook deals.

If you’re reading this in the summer and thinking Christmas is months away, I don’t need this book now, let me tell you, this is the time to get a jump on this Christmas adventure.  Then, come November, when everyone else is caught up in the holiday madness, you’re calm, cool, and collected because your gift-giving plan is already in place. I’m looking our for ya’.

Join the Adventure!!